Pollen Plus Original – Bee Pollen and Raw Honey


San Diego Honey and Bee Pollen Blend – Great for an early morning energy boost or local allergy fighter!

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Very popular with local pollen allergy sufferers. It is a nutritious raw San Diego honey and bee pollen blend that perfectly preserves the pollen in the honey, just the way that bees keep it viable.

Bee Pollen is considered one of the planet’s most nutritious naturally occurring foods. It contains a large variety of amino acids, fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamins and minerals including rutin and selenium. The pH and natural enzymes in the honey help to pre-digest the bee pollen making it more bio-available and, it’s super delicious!

To fully digest all of the healthy carotenoids, we recommend eating a little fat with this honey. Try it with a nut butter or whole milk yogurt, or add flax seeds, coconut oils or a slice of avocado to your smoothie along with the Pollen Plus.

12 oz. Jar

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San Diego Honey Company specializes in local, raw honey from around San Diego, California. We have a wide variety of raw floral honeys, raw infused honeys, and other great creations. Our honey is made by local San Diego bees and is lovingly packaged to be pure and natural – just like nature intended.

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