Vendor FAQs

How can I become a seller?

Fill out our easy application here. We will review you application and if we have determined that you are a good fit we will let you know the next steps at that time.

How do I get paid?

Vendors get paid at least once month base on their sales.

How do the fees for selling on Simply Local work?

In the storefront there is a monthly licensing fee, plus 15% of sales. Our online shop, during the promotional launch period, will only charge a percentage of sales.

What if I sell online already through a different site?

That is fine, but it is important to diversify and reach different audiences.

What information should I provide about my products?

Within your control panel as a vendor, you will have ample space to describe you product in detail. It is best to include the information that will help a person decide if it will fit their needs. Some examples may be: Dimensions, materials used to make it/ ingredients, known allergins, possible applications, expected lifespan of the product, cleaning instructions etc.

What payment methods do I accept?

We will accept all major credit cards and Paypal

What information should I include about my business?

We recommend a P.O. Box, phone number, email address and contact name.

Can you make a living selling at Simply Local?

Anything is possible! We currently have numerous vendors who make a living selling their products through Simply Local. We do recommend utilizing other outlets in addition.

How will I know how to set up my online shop once my application is approved?

You will be linked to a manual that will help you load your products and setup shipping.

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