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North Park, San Diego Location

Simply Local San Diego is located in the heart of the North Park Community. North Park ranked as one of the best neighborhoods to live in 2015 by San Diego Magazine and it continues to live up to that claim. It is the hub of locals nightlife complete with great restaurants, wine bars, and breweries. If you are looking to shop, the growing population of locally owned shops cannot be missed. Numerous street festivals are common throughout the year, including RAY AT NIGHT, The Shop Hop and a weekly farmers market.

3013 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 756-7958

Located in the heart of North Park on University Ave between 30th St & Ray St.

Monday through Thursday- 10:30am to 8:00pm
Friday & Saturday- 10:30am to 9:00pm
Sunday- 10:30am to 8:00pm
**Our North Park location will be closed for upgrades and maintenance January 30, 31st.(Monday,Tuesday)

Why Shop Local?

If you venture about your local community, you notice the multitude of small businesses surrounding you. There are many reasons that shopping local benefits both the community and the consumer.

It keeps money local.

Shopping at these local, independent businesses takes money out of the pockets of big-box chains and redistributes that money into improving the community, allowing for a strong and flourishing local economy. Each dollar spent at local stores returns three times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain! Aside from that, owners of local businesses can donate more money to organizations within the community!

It is better for the environment.

Due to the locations, residents are closer to the businesses, which in turn reduce traffic and air pollution.

It makes shopping more personal.

When you know that the items you’ve purchased came from the community you live in, you feel a connection that products made in a sweatshop wouldn’t invoke.

It creates jobs.

Independent businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue. They also re-circulate that money into other local businesses of which provide services such as accounting or printing, for example.

It gives the community a voice.

Local ownership ensures that decisions that will impact community members are made by the local people.

It inspires innovation.

Local businesses offer a place for local artisans to display their talent and hardwork. This encourages everyone to become an entrepreneur!

It keeps communities unique.

Independent businesses diversify communities and keep the one-of-a-kind essence alive.

Local businesses benefit from your support just as much as you benefit from their existence. Simply Local epitomizes small business by creating a space for local creators to exhibit their products and gain recognition in the community. Simply Local includes over 55 local San Diego vendors under one roof, with everything from handmade jewelry, clothing, postcards to vegan food and tea. All of the businesses are local and about 85% of the products are made here in San Diego! By shopping with us, you contribute to the local San Diego community while enjoying the diverse selection of artistically crafted products that fits the need of everyone.

About the Owner

Brian Beevers grew up on a walnut and almond orchard in Central California, always dreaming of living in a big city. It is from these roots where his passion for local goods eventually translated into a multi-faceted company focused on supporting local small businesses through farmers’ markets, festivals and Simply Local.

Simply Local was born out of a need to give local artisans a prominent retail location to showcase their creations. For years Brian has worked with thousands of local artisans as a professional event organizer and it was a natural progression to bring the best of these local small businesses into a brick and mortar storefront. Brian says that the most rewarding part of selling and buying locally is knowing that it, “builds out local economies, as opposed to lining the pockets of some billionaire,” and that, “seeing people connect with that reality is worth every bit of the ridiculous amount of hours I put into my businesses/my passions.”